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Jun 25, 2000 10:14 AM

Albanian food links

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A dispenser on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx had free copies of the "Albanian Yellow Pages". Turning to the food entries (note that Bakeries follows Banks for some reason), one finds Burektorija Dukagjini at 758 Lydig Avenue (Bronx - bureks); Embeltore Prishtina (569 Crescent Avue, Bronx - pastries and bureks) and in restaurants, Teuta Qebaptore (603 186th Street) and the impenetrable Gurre (on Arthur Avenue, Members only if you are not Albanian). There is a web listing: (listings of many other retaurants nationwide, mostly Italian style, and several in Plano, Texas- possibly an Albanian enclave). The real feat is to get Albanian food at the Italian places. Good luck (especially in getting to Gurre).

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