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Jun 15, 2000 07:11 PM

the indistrialization restaurants

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I've been thinking a lot about how restaurants have changed, especially in the last 100 years. It seems the biggest change has been the industrialization of restaurants, hence the 20th century's restaurant 'industry.'

Does any one know where i could find info on these changes? Any good Journals/Mags i should know about? Harvey Levenstein's books are quite good in scope, but i need more.

Industrially manufactured appliances rank #1 in this process. Who uses a coal or wood-burning stove anymore. Refrigerators are now a necessity (try telling the local health dept that you don't need one).
Frozen foods find their way into at least 95% of restaurant foods. Many pre-prepared foods, which are then frozen, are served. Campell's soups was gladly serv(ed) and ordered all over the country starting in the 1930s or so. Instant gravies and sauces have injected more salt into these items than ever before. Radio headsets, computer registers, convection ovens. It's like a science fiction movie!

Of course, the chain is the epitome of industrialization. Industrially and Corporately built, run, and supplied...

Can anyone think of other changes in the industry (whether they relate to industrialization or not)? Sources? What do you restaurant owners think? Are these gadgets driving the price of business up?

Like the oil, farming, textile, and manufacturing industries, the food/restaurant business has revolutionized itself, centralized, and industrialized.

any thoughts, suggestions for research?

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    Jessica Shatan

    Interesting thoughts.
    What fascinates me is things that are invented to deal with the volume that is produced in a restaurant and then find it's way back into the home. The food processor (a bigger one than our home cuisinarts) was used in restaurants way before Cuisinart marketed them to the little guy. I'll never forget the first time I saw an industrial sized electric mixing bowl in the kitchen of a restaurant I worked in. It was huge. You couldn't mix muffin batter with a spoon in that we use mixers at home just because it's easier....