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Jun 6, 2000 09:33 PM

Killer Burnt Carmelized Corn

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heh... the grilled corn and burnt caramel ice cream threads remind me of my greatest kitchen accident ever.

A friend of mine wanted to try a recipe for Southwestern Corn that she'd gotten out of an old Betty Crocker cookbook. We didn't have half of the ingredients, so the only things that ended up in the frying pan were fresh corn kernels, a knob of butter, cumin, and a pinch of sugar. We turned up the heat, covered the pan, and promptly forgot about it.

Some 10 or 15 minutes later, loud popping noises drew our attention back to the pan. The corn was a blackened mess. We tasted it anyway.

Heaven. The sugar from the corn melded with the butter into some wild cousin of caramel, and the cumin lifted it into a whole different dimension. I accidently jostled the pan, sending half of the contents onto our (very dirty) kitchen floor - we got down on hands and knees and picked the pieces off the ground.

I've made it many times since then, but it's never come out quite as good. Not good enough to eat off a dirty kitchen floor, anyway.

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  1. LOL. Thanks.

    1. This reminded me of my first visit to the OKC arts festival in High School. I got a kabob from the Lebanese stand, and accidentally got the coffee creamer SHAKER (why was coffee creamer in a shaker anyway?) instead of salt. It was wierd, but every kabob I've had since, I've kind of missed the Cremora.