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May 24, 2000 07:41 PM

Super Sorbet

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I'm looking for a mail-order source for some amazing sorbets. I want to send this as a birthday gift. I looked up the selections at Egg Farm Dairy, and presently only two flavors are being offered; I wanted to send more of an array . I am putting my hands into your tastebuds, so please recommend first-hand tastes - not ones that you heard are good. Quality counts. If Egg Farm Dairy appears to have the best according to your knowledge, then maybe I'll wait a little until a third flavor is available and send a belated gift. Thank you all so much.

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  1. I'm not sure if it's available by mail order/internet, but Ciao Bella (I think it's based in NYC) makes awesome sorbets -- really intense fruit flavors. Many restaurants buy it.

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      Thank you. I tracked down Ciao Bella's mail-order # (973)373-1200, ext. #31 (you need to speak with Zonya). She was very helpful and I was able to order from quite a selection; I chose mango, passion fruit (I was told those were award-winning flavors at the fancy food show), coconut and chocolate sorbets. I would have liked to have sent eight, but it was a whopping 100-plus bucks to ship to Cleveland!!! This must be some sorbet. As it was, a four-pack is around sixty five, and they don't offer a six-pack. Well, it's a special friend and a big birthday but I couldn't justify one hundred bucks on sorbet. I sure hope they're home at delivery!

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        Let us know how the recipient likes them!

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          Oh yeah, he liked them just fine. Especially the passion fruit.Wife told me the chocolate is very rich and fudgy. He said for two days he just walked around with a spoon in a container of sorbet. I made a faux pas, though, in selecting the coconut. Reluctantly, when I questioned him on the flavors, he told me everyone in their home detests coconut (?????) and said I could help myself next time I'm over. I think I will have to take him up on it just to see for myself.

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            Thanks -- always nice to know how things turn out! I love the image of him with his spoon and container.

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      Michael Kleinman

      Several years ago Richart (1-800-Richart) was putting out a line of handmade sorbets by Lutece with flavors like Cantalope, Grapefruit,Valrhona chocolate & hazelnut. They were artfully packaged in mini Chinese carry out containers and cost mega bucks but they were good. I'm not sure if they still carry it. If you have not checked out Richarts chocolate it makes a great gift-they silk screen the tops with graphic designs. I just sent my mom some for mothers day.

      1. Obviously this is too late for your search, but something to keep in mind should be interested in doing something similar again. I don't know if they do mail order, but Out of a Flower in Dallas is definitely worth looking into. They do very interesting (and really good) sorbets that are fuit-herb, fruit-flower (e.g. lavender, nasturtium), and fruit-liqueur combinations. It's done in small batches, packed in hand-labelled containers. They do interesting ice creams, too. There stuff can be found in some stores in the SF Bay Area, but I don't know where else.

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          Out Of A Flower sorbets are also sold at Zagara's in NJ.