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May 6, 2000 05:46 PM

bottled lemonade

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Now that the temperature is climbing, I find myself craving lemonade. Today I bought a bottled lemonade made by Mad River, and I really enjoyed it. I'd probably make it a little more tart if I were making it for myself, but this lemonade reminded me of the kind of lemonade I loved as a kid-- sweet and tart and utterly, utterly refreshing.

Anybody else have any recommendations?


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  1. On the sort-of-related-to-lemonade tip, there's a beverage by Nantucket Nectars called Half and Half, which is half iced tea and half lemonade. It really does taste lemon-y, and isn't as cloying as a lot of other store-bought iced teas.

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      Jessica Shatan

      I second Nantucket Nectar's Half-and-half.
      In the summer, I either drink that or the Arizona Green Tea with Honey (excellent tea flavor and good in diet or regular). I tried the green tea with Plum but it was too sweet.
      Sometimes I have the Snapple Mint Iced Tea just for the cool mintiness but, really, Snapple's too darn sweet.
      The Tazo's tea is good but almost not sweet enuf and kind of too tannen-y.