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May 1, 2000 11:42 AM


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Does anyone out there have suggestions for a really good charcol/wood smoker?

I have a Weber kettle, but it's a pain to cook brisket or anything that needs long, slow smoking. I'm not looking for a huge log-burning pit or anything, but something that would work for both smoking AND grilling.

One brand that's been recommended to me is Hasty Bake -anybody familiar with those? Mighty pricey, but they're supposed to last 25 years.

I'm determined to barbecue my way through this summer!

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  1. In case anyone was misled by my subject header...

    1. Get a Weber Smokey Mountain as it will make excellent barbecue. It is not difficult to use as it will hold a constant temperature for five or more hours with a minimum of attention. I always use real charcoal not briquettes. It will grill too but not all that well--use your Weber kettle for that. Hasty Bake is probably a good machine. I came close to buying one a few years back but opted for one of those big Texas machines. I use the WSM often as it is much easier to use with equal results to the big unit which I use when I am cooking for a very large group.

      1. i have a regular Chra-Grill smoker that has served me well for years. cost me $25 and turns out excellent food. i don't know what i'd do without it. in any case, proof that money don't always equal good grub--- love does.

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          jonathan sibley

          The Hasty-Bake is a great grill and a relatively good smoker (so, a great hybrid). The ability to raise and lower the coals gives you great control over grilling temperatures. The access to the coals from the side is very handy for re-stoking with fresh coals.

          I have the model that has a second tier above the grill, and this is quite nice for keeping things warm and for additional smoking surface area.

          Not cheap, but I've been quite satisfied (and have turned out some tasty ribs, in the process).

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            Yeah, I actually got a Hasty Bake since I posted that message! It's great - I made chicken smoked on a beer can. The moistest chicken ever.