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Apr 30, 2000 07:48 PM


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I have a reservation at Peter Luger on 5/12. I just read The Fat Guy's review of same. He said the waiter "carves" your Porterhouse tableside and pours on a mixture of fat, blood and butter. I think I might have a real problem letting someone carve my steak. Does anybody know if this is optional?


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  1. Carving a cooked STEAK???? I don't get it -- do they bring a cow to the table on fire????

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    1. re: Jeff Goldman

      Long as it's nice and rare, I'm all for it. Flame on.

    2. Fear not.

      A large Porterhouse sized for two or three people is brought on a sizzling-hot platter from the kitchen already "carved" in place into large, multi-bite chunks. The waiter slightly elevates one end of the platter by placing it on an inverted saucer, and, French-style, serves each participant one piece of the filet and one piece of the shell. He then spoons some of the juices and butter that have pooled at the lower end of the serving platter onto your steak, serves you some home fries, if that's what you've ordered, and leaves you to your reverie. For some reason, the creamed spinach is self-service once it's on the table.

      Enjoy, and remember to bring cash.