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Apr 24, 2000 09:22 PM

Balducci's Brodetto

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In Balducci's mail-order and website catalog is a prepared dish called brodetto. Described as their version of an Italian dish, it includes lamb in what looks like a tomatoe-y sauce, topped with a mixture of eggs, peas, parmigiano and herbs. I would love to prepare this at home. I have looked through many of my cookbooks and can't find anything remotely similar. Would anyone have, perhaps a family or other recipe? Some background on this dish?

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  1. Brodetto is an Italian bouillabaise served on toast, made in the Marche. Why Balducci's uses lamb and peas (yuck) is anyone's guess. The dish should be a variety of small fish, seafood and crustaceans, cooked in white wine, then either with a light tomato sauce or simply saffron.