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Apr 18, 2000 03:55 PM

Ben & Jerry's free cone day

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I don't know if anyone has noticed, but today (April 18th) is free cone day at Ben & Jerry's shops across America. THEY'RE GIVING OUT FREE ICE CREAM!!!

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  1. If only Ben & Jerry's existed "across America" *sigh*

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    1. re: Betty
      Frank Language

      Yeah, and according to an illustration in last week's TIME magazine, their newest flavor should be called "Holy Cash Cow!" They've sold the business to some conglomerate; let's see how long it takes them to become another Edy's. [sigh]

      1. re: Frank Language

        They've been worse than Edy's all along.

        Remember when Pillsbury (owners of Haagen Daz) tried to squeeze B&J off the shelves by threatening to withold Haagen Daz from any retailer who stocked them? B&J responded with a massive grassroots campaign shtick, asking "what's the doughboy afraid of?" Everyone got indignant about the corporate giant squelching the hip upstart.

        A friend of a friend owns a regional ice cream brand. B&J, a couple of years later, did the EXACT same maneuver on them. It nearly wrecked their business.

        If this is any indication, B&J's enlightened image is just that; a corporate veneer, a marketing spin.