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Apr 18, 2000 11:41 AM

Banchan...The Restaurant Already Exists

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I am continually frustrated because my friends here in Korea refuse to contribute to this message board, although they really could make some meaningful contributions. For instance, I was floating the idea of a hip banchan-oriented restaurant (nod to Jim and Wonki), for the hip trend setting New York and maybe Seoul types, and it turns out that there are SEVERAL such places here in Seoul.

Apparently, these restaurants are offshoots of the Jungshik (set menu) places which served a lot of main dishes along with scores (literally) of banchan. Now there are restaurants, where literally you get 100 different banchan. You sit down and immediately 20 are set in front of you, and you decide how the other 80 show up. Reputedly one of these places is called "Baek Banchan" which means 100 Banchans in Korean. There used to be someone named Aleece who knew Korean restaurants in Seoul pretty well...Is she still around, I wonder.

Pretty cool huh?

Michael Yu

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  1. that is pretty cool. but now we gotta get one of those in new york (and everywhere else in the US).