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Mar 27, 2000 11:53 AM


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For an article on Brasserie, seeking material on history of, anecdotes dealing well as amusing, laudatory or horror stories of current Manhattan brasseries. What is REAL Brasserie? What is bogus? An ideal brasserie in Alsace or Paris come to mind? Any and all research material, images from 1900 Paris Exposition, useful websites welcome. Experiences at Pastis, Balthazar, Le Brasserie, Julien, Brasserie Bit? Any bizarro combos seen--like Thai Brasserie or Brasserie/Lounge?
Winner gets a free meal on me at Les Halles.

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  1. Paris: go to Brasserie Lipp. (avoid the pseudo-litterati across the stree t at Deux Magots)

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      Dena Sheridan

      In Paris, Le Brasserie Julien definitely fits the bill -- the atmosphere, the decor (with the fabulous stained glass ceiling), and certainly the food. What a perfect place to have my first salade frisee and duck confit.