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Feb 17, 2000 03:26 PM

Modified meaning of Roach Coach

  • k

Lunch time:
Me: "Hey, where can I go for lunch?"
Friend: "Check out that taco coach by the tire place"
Me: "Okay, I will".

Been 11 1/2 years I've lived here, gotta try it, I suppose.

So off I go, pay a bill or two, see the coach - ahem, parked RV/taqaria - and, well, dive in I do. A simple burrito, a Taco Alambra...oh-my-goodness! I'm in heaven. (Making trips back to earth to get more, for sure!)

Folks, I'm redefining my definition of Roach Coach. It will now consist, until I'm persuaded differently, of only those coaches that roam (most all their stuff is Sodium Nitrate with something else added called cream filling or cake). The stand-stills? I'm on their side now.

Today's authentic Mexican food (made by Hispanics themselves) was wonderful. (The coaches roaming around, though, are still mostly Nitrite, not Chowhound, mobiles!)


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