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Feb 14, 2000 06:52 AM


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Does anyone know anything about BURMESE food?? We used to have one in Boston, but it has since disappeared (became a shwarma take-out, I think).

The first time I tried the dish which I have so graciously MISspelled in my Subject: line, I thought I was in heaven. The second time was only so-so, but not bad enough to eclipse my original memory of it.

For those even less in the know than me, it was in the Malay curry/laksa/ramen family.

I need a fix!! Any suggestions??

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  1. I could not find anything like your word under various spellings using several web search engines. The closest I found was Khar Kway Teow -- a sort of Chinese style rice noodle dish of Malaysia.

    Check a SE Asian cookbook and see what the spelling is.


    1. Julie,

      I think the dish you're trying to spell is "oh no khauk swe" (or "khauk swe" for short), a coconut milk-based chicken noodle soup. I like to describe it as a Burmese fettucine Alfredo--yum! Hopefully you have been able to track the dish since your original posting--you should get quite a few hits on google. If you'd like to try making it at home, there's an excellent recipe in Wendy Hutton's "Green Mangoes and Lemongrass". Good luck!