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Feb 4, 2000 10:27 AM

Cookbook query

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I've read some good things about James Peterson's "Essentials of Cooking." Has anyone out there seen/used it? Would you recommend it? I'm interested less in recipes than in his explanations of techniques (stocks, sauces, cutting up meat/fish, etc.). Are they logical and easy to follow? Do the pictures actually and accurately reflect what he's saying?

Thanks for any comments y'all might have.

And of course, if I *do* decide to buy it, I'll go to through chowhound!


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  1. Susan,

    Believe I read through it. It's big, white and full of good inforamation, if this is the one of which I'm thinking. I like the book because it does go over technique but not too much beyond some good, solid basics.

    Now, another book that you might be fascinated with is called "Cookwise" by Shirley O. Corriher. She's a chemist and has an extensive background in cooking. The books is excellent because you see WHY foods do what they do and, therefore, what to do and not to do to get your desired results. That it's good for.

    That she tends to scatter her information around makes it a tad difficult to navigate within the book, but otherwise I think it's the best I've seen yet on what's really going on when foods do their thing!

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      I'll second Keith. If its the book I think it is, then its quite useful. My father bought it for my stepmother recently, who has never had much time to cook, and she has been learning to make some wonderful dishes from its pages (and learning techniques). Great for a beginner cook, although if your an old hand you will probably find plenty to disagree with.

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      Frank Language

      Susan writes: "And of course, if I *do* decide to buy it, I'll go to through chowhound!"

      No, no, no! That's!