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Jan 31, 2000 01:53 PM

Ethnic Foods web site

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From a recent review by Librarian's Index of the Interent:
"Maintained by nutrition specialists, this site contains information about religious food practices, ethnic health data, cultural nutrition, ethnic medicine, and links to specialty foods, recipes, ingredients resources, and fun sites that range from burritos to Japanese pizza!
From Islamic halal food organizations to Cambodian Wind Illness to recipes for American barbecue or African food suppliers, this site is a fascinating world tour of food and eating."

It's an attractive web site. The links page has some good stuff -- including a link to a Durian site.


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  1. Thanks. This is really a nifty site. It also mentions where I ordered a Janapenese dipping sauce. It came really quickly, no tax and no shipping charge. p.

    1. Don't forget chef Kumale at:

      1. Wow, their links page is great. It has a site called Edibilia (˜owls/edibilia.html),
        which has an interesting Cult and Comfort Foods page, with selections including "Corn Nuts Info", The Malt-O-Meal Page, "Flake World", and the "Anti-Toast Page"!