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Jan 30, 2000 06:41 AM

Late-Night Ceviche Bar

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It's what all chefs want, isn't it? After seventeen hours of toil, and maybe a few too many cocktails?
Douglas Rodriguez's new Nuevo-Peruvian joint, CICAMA, on 18th Street, in the former COLINA space has an awesome array of raw and marinated fish dishes--as well as a eucalyptus-burning rotisserie--and they crank until 1 AM. I've been twice, and had a lot of fun. Nothing like clean, protein-packed and intensely flavored ceviche to bring one to one's senses (or something approximating that)after cranking out three hundred meals in a smoky, submarine-like kitchen. Good music, really eclectic crowd, friendly service, and good food for a jaded palette.

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  1. Am really happy that Doug Rodriguez is back in action. I've been there twice too, and have enjoyed it. Actually, as I was leaving the private opening party 2 Saturdays ago, I saw you coming in and parking yourself at the ceviche bar.

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    1. re: Gary Cheong
      Rachel Perlow

      Please address/phone... Could not find in citysearch or sidewalk, reservations? Not familiar with Peruvian, what else do they serve besides ceviche?


      1. re: Rachel Perlow
        Anthony Bourdain

        Chicama is located on 18th Street between Park and the rear of the ABC Carpet building (where Colina used to be). They serve--in addition to a vast array of ceviches: Chilean sea bass baked in salt, eucalyptus rotisseried suckling pig, duck amazing bar snack of smoked marlin dip and chocolate with beignets (peruvian flippers) and a lot of stuff I haven't tried yet. This joint is BETTER than Patria was as Rodriguez seems to have cut loose here. I'll know more manana as I'm going back tonight.

        1. re: Anthony Bourdain

          I went to Chicama a couple of months ago. We got the Empenadas, Ecaudorian and Amarillo ceviches- all excellent. We also got the Bacalo and a Salmon dish served over rice with calamari. Both of these were great.

          Well I went again last night and got the Thai ceviche with tuna and calamari- just ok. We also got the Salmon dish from the eucalptus ( sp) oven ( 29$$!!!)
          very dissapointing. The Salmon dish we liked was gone.

          he drinks were ok( Mojitos) and the dessert- Venezulean chocolate bomb was very good.
          I don't think I will be going back any time soon. The Lobster Satanica was not available and was offered with 6 head on shrimp instead- I was told this was bad from the people next to us. If it matters , Douglas Rodriguez was not there this night like the first time. He is overweight- but a damn good chef!!!

    2. Is this the place located in the ABC Carpets store?

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      1. re: Natasha

        yes it is. go try it out. hope you will like it.