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Jan 23, 2000 10:34 AM

Cheese course for dinner party?

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I have been asked to bring the cheese course for a dinner party of ten. The cheese guy at a local store suggested the following, but now I'm having doubts: aged gouda, french bleu, pyrenees(sheep's milk) istara, brie, american cheddar

Any advice welcome.

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  1. Why the doubts? That sounds like a great, balanced cheese plate, although I might substitute one of the great Neal's Yard cheeses--maybe the Montgomery cheddar--for the Grafton, which is also very good, and upgrade the gouda to a boerkaase. I've even had a couple of dynamite, ripe raw-milk bries in the last month.

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    1. re: j gold

      I agree with the Boererkase - a lovely nutty almost sweet aged gouda.
      My question would be when will the cheese be served? Before the meal or after? That could make a difference in what you decide to bring, but I'd also say, Trust the Cheese Guy!

      1. re: Liza

        This course is being served after dinner. Since I don't know this cheese guy well, I wasn't sure about his taste and thought this might be too much of the same thing in terms of texture. I also don't know enough myself to make my own choices though trying to learn fast...