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Jan 20, 2000 03:13 PM

Storing Cheese at Room Temperature

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I seem to remember, from somewhere in the long-ago, a thick glass canister with a lid that was used to store cheese at room temperature. It had a raised surface with channels in which you put white vinegar. The cheese rested on the raised gridwork, above the vinegar. Does anyone know if this did (or does) exist? Or if I'm remembering something that exists only in my mind? (Well, that's probably for a different message board...)

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  1. Those old cheese keepers you describe do exist--I have one in my refrigerator right now. Although they do not do a particularly efficient job at protecting cheese. Saran Wrap works much better.

    1. You didn't imagine it, I have one too. The instructions are etched on the lid. It always seemed like too much trouble to use, but too nice looking to get rid of.