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Jan 20, 2000 08:51 AM

Dried porcini mushrooms--a good source

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I'm looking for some dried porcini mushrooms. I checked the 96th/B'way Gourmet Garage, but they didn't have any.

Is this the sort of thing that would be of the same quality at Fairway/Zabar's, or is there a more specialized source?

Thanks for any tips.


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  1. I keep a bag of dried porcini (aka boletus) in the freezer, and I stock up every year from a local wild mushroom buyer and seller named Lars Norgren. His company is Peak Forest Fruit, in Oregon at 503 324-0117.

    Lars really knows mushrooms, and if you're not careful he can and will talk for hours about the minutiae of any given species. For instance, he'll tell you that the imported porcini labeled Italian more likely were picked somewhere in the Balkans and test high for isotopes associated with Chernobyl.

    Whether or not that's true, his dried boletes are wonderful. If you can't reach him by phone, I found a couple of people who claim to work for him...try either

    Ian Brandon


    Joseph Bear Wilner

    good luck



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