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Jan 18, 2000 01:29 PM


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Joanna wrote ---
I often feel grateful to be born here! I've lived here all my life and yet I'm still discovering new places to eat! Just on Sunday, I had the Laksa outside my house that people all over Singapore come to queue for! I don't fancy Laksa and was quite amused at the queues especially over the weekends. Singaporeans and their love for food! (I forgot I was one of them!)
On Sunday at about 3pm, I came out to look for a late lunch and since there was no queue by then, I decided to see what the fuss was about. It was GREAT! No wonder the laksa here is known as the best in Singapore.

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In our Chowhound search for "the best" -- please help us understand why this Laksa is so desirable. What are the ingredients that you recall ? The taste of the broth?. The taste and texture of the noodles? Was there a choice of things to add to the Laksa - hard-boiled egg -for example ? Was there a condiment tray where you could add sambal or such ? Help us here in the heart of darkness of the worldwide culture of mass consumption to grasp the idea of tastes that are beyond our experience but not beyond our comprehension.

We note that seven people were hospitalized in Singapore when they crushed in the front window of a McDonald's over a promotion of a toy product line called " Hello Kitty" - so there is a dynamic in Singapore concerning food and the huge machinery of mass food promotion that characterizes the American McDonald's approach to life -which has been exported all around the world. When the US/NATO began bombing Serbia I told my email friends in Serbia to hide in their local McDonalds if they wanted to be safe.

Thanks again. We had a small Singaporean restaurant in Boston called the Merlion. We became friends with the owner/cook Chua and gave him large posters we obtained from the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board who we helped promote Singapore in Boston by bringing our Singapore cats to public events. (People love cats). Chua made marvelous Singaporean food but had a major problem with his location. He did a lot of nonya dishes.

Congratulations on the beautiful Millenium New Year Celebration from Singapore that we saw in America.


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  1. Yes, there's this crazy fad now on collecting Hello Kitty dolls sold as a promotion at McDonalds. The queues are LONG! A couple of weeks ago 2 guys crashed through some glass at an outlet and needed stitches! No one was hospitalised.

    I can't understand what the fuss is about. It's the adults who are queueing and collecting these dolls. Half the people in the queue are men! (maybe collecting for their girlfriends?)

    I do know that they are considered collector's items. They cost $9 a pair and people are being offered $50 per pair.

    There are altogether 6 sets of Bridal Pairs, four of whom are in Asian bridal costumes. Another one is coming out tomorrow. Whatever happens, it's definitely going to be in the News on TV!

    McDonald's sure know how to sell burgers!

    "When the US/NATO began bombing Serbia I told my email friends in Serbia to hide in their local McDonalds if they wanted to be safe."

    This is so funny! You know, I think McDonald's is about the only food you can find practically anywhere! When I was in Bombay, the cab driver actually pointed it out like it was a star attraction there! It's one place that you know what you're going to get when you go in, whether you're in the US, India or China.

    "Chua made marvelous Singaporean food ... He did a lot of nyonya dishes."

    My mum is a nyonya! I love the nyonya food. It's really hard to find good dishes in restaurants. The best ones are from Peranakkan homes. I can't wait for Chinese New Year when my mum will make the dishes she usually makes only at this time - Ayam Buah Keluak, Babi Pongteh, Chap Chye, Ngoh Hiang.

    Ok , I really got to go for dinner now!