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Jan 13, 2000 10:04 AM

help - need vegan birthday cake

  • j

My vegan girl turns sweet 16 today - with no cake in prospect. Does anyone know a source in NYC for retain vegan desserts? Thanks!

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  1. Jen--

    I have it on good authority that Angelica Kitchen (2nd Ave and 12th St) has delicious vegan cakes-- give them a call. If that doesn't pan out maybe Souen (the one on 13th St.).
    Good luck and happy sweet 16 to your daughter.


    1. Jen,
      If you can't locate a source for a vegan cake, but are willing to bake one, I'd be happy to send you a recipe (off-site, of course) for an easy, delicious, applesauce spice cake I've made many times.

      Happy birthday to your daughter. RR

      1. I've had delicious vegan (and wheat-free) desserts at these places and they will make cakes for special occasions:

        Herban Kitchen, 290 Hudson St., Manhattan 212-627-2257
        Lifethyme, 410 Sixth Ave., Manhattan, 212-420-9099
        Bliss, 191 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg 718-599-2547

        You can also try Sacred Chow, which is completely vegan. I haven't tried their desserts, but they look like a good bet. They're at 522 Hudson St, Manhattan (212-337-0863).

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          thanks to all for the many suggestions and recipes. I will be cooking this time, but next year...