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Jan 12, 2000 09:54 AM

Mail order Medjool Dates

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I happened to be searching for dates (the edible kind, and I'm not a cannibal) on the web and realized that there are many sources. Any recommendations of good sources or places to avoid?

Btw, there are so many mail-order sources and web sites for food products, that I think it would be interesting to have a thread or section (if enough traffic to warrant it) documenting good sources we have all found. Just a thought.

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  1. Just curious: Why do you want to mail order these? I get delicious ones around the corner at Prana Foods, 1st Av. between 7th St. and St. Marks, and they're widely available throughout the city, I thought.

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      I wrote: "they're widely available throughout the city, I thought," figuring, for some reason, that you were posting from New York City. My bad. Where are you posting from?


      1. re: Michael

        Upping the ante a bit, does anyone know a source, mail order or otherwise of dates called something like bardhi or bardi? Sahadi used to carry them for a brief period each year but recently they have not had them. The explanation I got was that the trees are all dying. These are the comice pears of the date world, soft, rounded and luscious. Any thoughts?

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          jonathan sibley

          Here is a site with info about date types:

          Here is one source of Barhi (or Barhee) dates:

          I don't know if they are particularly good or bad

          And here is a page that has links to date shippers:

          I guess we can try some and compare notes. Of course they are available in many stores (I'm in NJ), but I thought they might be better coming direct from the source.

    2. The original comment has been removed