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Jan 6, 2000 09:22 AM

'flu therapy/feed a cold some curry

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if you are a hapless victim to this crippling 'flu sweeping nyc (as i am), the london times article referenced below suggests you might find a little solace from your favourite indian dish.

check it out!


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  1. Actually, I became a hot'n'sour soup addict. Same principle, I think. Also am now in the habit of adding a dash or two of cayenne to hot chocolate.

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    1. re: Barb. H.

      Sounds kooky. I know. I was a non-believer til I tried them and while they don't eliminate the symptoms, the zinc did seem to reduce them.
      Also, hot and sour soup, definitely. Next time I feel a sniffle, though, I'm heading straight for the wasabi.

      1. re: Liza
        Gabriel Solis

        Yes, hot stuff and zinc both seem good. When I lived in Seattle in 94 there was a cafe on 45th in Wallingford whose name escapes me (since closed, a friend informs me) that served a drink they touted as a cold-buster. It was about an ounce of lemon juice with ginger and jalapeƱo juices added and a sprinkling of cayenne powder on top. I tried it once, and I'm not sure it really made my symptoms any better, but the singular feeling in my throat and stomach as it went down and into me did take my mind off the cold, at least for a few minutes. They also recommended wheat grass juice as a preventive, but I could never develop a taste for it....