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Red food theme party

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A friend is holding a party for which she would like to provide food of the red colour. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? Any ethnicity is welcome.

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  1. The first thing that popped into my mind is my new absolutely favorite "starter" dish: Beet tartare from Jean Georges' first cookbook. It looks like a jewel on the plate and tastes even better. Serve with toast points or an equivalent. A pretty salad is red leaf lettuce, and ruby red grapefruit sections sprinkled over with pomegranate seeds. The meal may end up looking sort of gory, but it sounds like fun. pat.

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      my favorite red food is plain roasted beets...chioggia beets (with the bull's eye concentric circles) are, I think, a little sweeter...they're not quite as red as plain red beets, but red enough. Roast covered with foil until tender (time depends on size of beets), let cool, peel, slice, drizzle with real good olive oil.

      braised red cabbage is also good...be sure to add some vinegar to preserve the color.

      I have recipes for a beet salad with gorgonzola and a beet risotto on realgoodfood.com

    2. How about borscht or small portions of steak tartare for a starter, lasagna or any kind of pasta with a tomato-based sauce for an entree, and cassis sorbet or berries marinated in red wine for dessert?

      1. Kai wat (Ethiopia). I believe it's most often made with lamb, but kai means red, so that's not necessarily the case.

        1. Go to Chinatown and buy some roast pork called char siu.

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            Rachel Perlow

            What about Red Velvet Cake for dessert?

            1. Several middle eastern dishes come to mind:
              muharrama -- a very yummy paste of red peppers and walnuts. If you can't find it on Atlantic Ave., there is a good recipe in Paula Wolfert's Eastern Mediterranean book
              kisir --like taboule, but with less parsely, and colored and seasonsed with red pepper paste

              Also, there are a number of Iraqi Jewish meat stews, made with kubbe (kibbe like dumplings), meatballs, or meat cubes with beets. There is also a Moroccan Jewish dish of fish baked with red peppers and saffron.

              I hope that your friend puts drop cloth on her carpeting for this party!

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                Something that I forgot to mention. Muharrama, the red pepper and walnut paste, goes great with pastrami.

                And don't forget basturma and prosciutto and bresaola as red foods.

              2. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I will let you know how the Red Party turned out.

                1. I usually avoid Emeril Live but I watched a few
                  minutes of that show last night (1/5). It was
                  about soul food and his guest was Sylvia of
                  Sylvia's Restaurant uptown. She baked her
                  Red Velvet Cake which turned out to be a bright
                  red cake with cream cheese icing. It was
                  striking looking - really quite beautiful and
                  probably very tasty. You can find the recipe at
                  the foodtv.com by clicking on Emeril Live for 1/5/00
                  and then clicking on Sylvia's Red Velvet Cake.