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Jan 1, 2000 12:15 AM

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to all on the list. I spent the day at the Boston EMR -- I had reached a critical imbalance between my food input and output -- If it happens to you I learned a lot today --if you ask. :-)

Had I known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself. ( I think Micky Mantle said that ?)

Been watching the New Year celebrations on TV. Where do all those people in Times Square go to eat ?

The Chowhounds list was not Y2K ready --the hot posts section date system went back to 1900 :-)

The list is a lot fun -- thanks to those who contribute to it. Good food has and will remain a human treasure from the time when human beings became aware of taste -- unto the millenia ahead of the children of humanity.

Enjoy life --peace.

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  1. Hi Tord,

    If Hotposts rolled to 01/01/00, it's supposed to. If you got a list of all messages ever posted to chowhound, then it's NOT supposed to... rather, it should just give you the messages posted since January 1, 2000. Please let me know what messages were listed.


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    1. re: Bob

      Hi Bob -- Happy New Year.

      The Hot Post is not working correctly. I've been getting this ....

      "Sorry, the date you entered (01/01/01900) is not valid, it must be in MM/DD/YY format."

      I just manually correct it and then everything works fine.

      1. re: Gary Cheong

        Looks like the two browsers' javascript routines handle dates in 2000 differently. It's hopefully patched now, but I don't have a Mac to test it out for that platform (I'm PC-based and for that platform both MSIE and Netscape now seem to be acting correctly). Anyone with a Mac, MSIE and/or Netscape, let me know if the dates are calculating correctly!


        1. re: Bob

          Dates work fine on my Mac, equipped with Netscape.

          1. re: Bob

            Thanks Bob. It's working correctly now. Don't know about Mac users, I'm using PC with MSIE 5.01

        2. re: Bob
          Tord Svenson

          Bob --the hot post date rolled to 01/01/01900. Gary is correct --if you junk the 01900 and replace it with 00 you get the hot posts. I wonder how many will know to do this. I like the hot posts feature.

          Anyway --I hope it is a quick fix. Hey -- its not like the former Soviet Union nuclear reactor that blew up this morning. (just kidding).

          Have a good weekend.

          Gary --I liked the Millennium Show from Singapore! ( and Hong Kong.). The world is a lot more accessible with TV and food from these places.

          1. re: Tord Svenson

            It should be working okay now, Tord. For an explanation, see my earlier post. Let me know if you're still having problems.

            Happy New Year!