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Dec 29, 1999 05:35 PM


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You've gotta feel bad for the folks at DARTAGNAN--at the busiest time of the year--probably their biggest year--when everybody is clamoring for foie gras, they have had to recall and destroy over 60,000 pounds of expensive product due to possible contamination by listeria bacteria. Any Chowhounds who have ordered ANY prepared food from them--meaning, pates, terrines, french kisses, truffle butter, smoked duck (see today's NYTimes for full list of recalled items) are advised to return them to the company. The factory in Huntington LI where the contamination was detected has been shut down--and irradiation might be required, says the Times, to ensure safe operations again. Major pain for chefs like me--who now have to make their OWN terrine de foie gras--at the last minute--but a crippler for DARTAGNAN . Hope it all works out--and soon.Their FRESH product--meaning wild game and meat, mushrooms, truffles and so on..are fine and can be purchased and consumed without fear.

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  1. Hopefully any of their irradiated products will be labelled as such. What a shame for them, and that they have to resort to this practice.