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Dec 18, 1999 11:34 PM

storing truffle oil and balsamic vinegar

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I recently bought a bottle of truffle oil and a really nice aged balsamic vinegar and am wondering how best to store them. In the cabinet? How long will they keep? Should I keep the truffle oil a distance from other pantry items for fear of corruption?

p.s. used the balsamic on a Henry&David pear and fennel salad for lunch; just put the truffle oil to use atop a fine mushroom risotto for dinner.

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    Definitely store it out of the light in a well-sealed
    container. The oil will eventually go rancid, but if it's away from light and heat, it should last a year or more. I don't know about the balsamic; I buy it in teeny bottles and use it up quickly.

    1. s
      Suzanne Chung

      If you're still interested....
      The vinegar will not go off. It should keep indefinitely. Yes, the cupboard is best. Away from a heat source.
      The truffle oil is volatile - ie it will lose its flavour and it will go off. Too much heat will destroy the flavour. This applies to storage and cooking. Use it at the end of the cooking process. So cook your scrambled eggs, risotto, or pasta, etc and once the cooking process has finished and you are ready to serve it, drizzle the truffle oil on then.
      You can also store it successfully in the fridge. The oil will solidify and may go cloudy. If you bought a very large bottle, you should decant it into smaller ones and refridgerate them so you are not constantly thawing and refidgerating.