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Dec 17, 1999 03:31 PM

Foreign reviews

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I was eating today at the noodle place near the WTC, and noticed in the window a copy of a review in Japanese.

It got me thinking. Seems like a great source of chowhoundy type places would be the foreign newspapers in NYC. I mean, they should know their own food, right?

So, does anyone on here regularly read any foreign papers? (Not the ones published in foreign places, but the ones for foreigners who live here?)

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  1. For what it's worth: I often read the Italian Corriere della Sera and Stampa and they rarely refer to restaurants aborad (possibly in France). If something in NYC is mentioned, you can be sure it is an American place.

    1. Oops: you specified foreign papers published locally. Italia Oggi is a rag: right-ish political slant with abysmal taste - no way we would consider their food tips.