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Dec 13, 1999 07:37 PM

The Belly Of Paris

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I am desperately seeking an English language copy of Emil Zola's THE BELLY OF PARIS (Le Ventre de Paris), said to be an encompassing tale of a food inspector in Paris' Les Halles. I have had no success with the usual suspects: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Book Search etc.--and I'm definitely NOT looking for a $180 first edition--a tattered, dog eared paperback would do just fine. Any help?

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  1. Anthony---you left this same message this morning, and received some good replies. Is something going on with your browser, not letting you see it further down the "general topics" list?

    I'm wondering if there's something wrong...we've heard from several people not able to "see" their messages though they're clearly listed in the index...please reply and let us know what the story is!


    1. Perhaps this is too obvious, but have you rummaged through the two Strand stores?

      1. I looked the thing up on alibris, bookfinder, and bibliofind (my favorite), with the admitted objective of snaking one for myself if there happened to be a couple. And everybody wanted more than $200, for a paperback (even the soiled ones) printed in 1994! How limited an edition is it?

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          I looked at the copy on bibliofind: it's a 1st edition of the Sun & Moon Press edition which, as I mentioned in an earlier post, seems to be still in print for a mere $14.95. (I think this thread bifurcated & my post got lost in the shuffle.) It looks like you can order a copy online.

          No chow content, but also a good read is Zola's "The Ladies' Paradise," about department stores in 19th century Paris.