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Dec 13, 1999 08:37 AM

The Belly Of Paris

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I am desperately seeking an English language copy of Emil Zola's THE BELLY OF PARIS (Le Ventre de Paris), said to be an encompassing tale of a food inspector in Paris' Les Halles. I have had no success with the usual suspects: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Book Search etc.--and I'm definitely NOT looking for a $180 first edition--a tattered, dog eared paperback would do just fine. Any help?

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  1. Try Amazon's UK website in case it is available in England. Our public library has a copy (fun book by the way).

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    1. re: Allan Evans

      Your post reminded me that I've wanted to mention Mayle's newest Provence book. It's of interest to those who love France (especially Provence) and food.
      I was particularly amused to read his rebuttal chapter about Ruth Reichl's review of her vacation in Provence where she panned almost everything. A very good read, it is. p.

    2. There's an edition by Sun & Moon Press, a really lovely small press based in LA. Looks like it's still in print for $14.95