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Dec 13, 1999 12:26 AM


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What is a pummelo and how do you eat it???

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  1. I think it's spelled pommelo. Anyway, it's a large very green citrus fruit about the size of a large grapefruit. Smooth skin, not to be confused with Ugli fruit. Peel it as you would an orange and eat section by section. It is very difficult to peel and the membranes separating the sections are thick and leathery. I would think it could be "supremed" the way one prepares a grapefruit or orange. It is much drier than orange or grapefruit, so that you might think you've got a "bad" one. I like the flavor very much.

    Recently I made a green salad and sprinkled broken up segments (as one would do with pomegranate seeds) on top. It was stunning to look at and eat. I went to my market over the weekend to buy another and the produce guy acted like he'd never heard of the fruit! I'll persevere. pat

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      you can also find them on the street in chinatown. those things are huge, like grapefruits on steroids or something.

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        Peel like an orange and remove the tough membrane from the meat (?).

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          Yup. It would be unpleasant to try to eat that leathery membrane. You'll be surprised when you get the peel off to see a very thick white pith. It's sort of like a surprise package: first comes the skin, then the pith, then the membranes. If you know how to section a grapefruit, try that. If I ever find another one, I'll try too. Bear in mind that it really isn't juicy, so to peel each section as you go along isn't messy. p.

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            Pummelos are gaining popularity in Texas. I can find them at just about any grocery store. Asain grocery stores might have them (Chinese Grapefruit)and they are very seasonal, by the way. Nov-Jan I think. They cost around 1.50 each here in Dallas. I break up the meat, which is dry if you do not burst the juicy beads (for lack of a better term)and mix it in to anything that could use a nice citrus touch.
            If you have not tried one, the flavor is more like grapefruit than orange but sweet like an orange. They are wonderful and this is the best time of year to try one. Select big bright green fruit that feels heavy.