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Dec 10, 1999 03:02 PM


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Good magazine going bad? Past issue on Venice trumpeted Marcella Hazan and Harry's Bar conglomerate as representative of the city (why not do an issue on Florida and write about Epcot Food?). Latest issue has plenty of good food tips for artisanal products amidst usual glitz. Lovely bonus arrived with the Jan./ Feb. 2000 issue: envelope offering an enclosed "FREE" gift (good usage) (card with two unpublished recipes) with plea for renewal of subscription. Sigh, nothing is free in life: no recipe card was enclosed. Will read it twice a year at the dentist.

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  1. Hi Allan. Saveur has always been spotty, imho, and I let my subscription lapse some time ago, but more because of disorganization than any deliberate decision about the merits of the magazine. When I was in Chicago recently, Paul Kahan, the chef at Blackbird, was extolling the merits of the Mexican food street vendors at the Maxwell Street market in Chicago, and I later learned that Rick Bayless had done a piece on that very subject in some recent issue of Saveur. That fact alone had persuaded me to renew my subscription to Saveur, and then comes your post. Ah, the ups and downs of life.

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      Tom, Nice to hear from you. Point is well taken: the magazine has often a great deal of valuable information but would need just the slightest tweaking to make it into a first class publication. Yes, better to accept the good and overlook their many gaffes.

    2. Yes, I too enjoy the magazine. I think the layout is brilliant. However, I was given a subscription to the magazine as a birthday gift back in June, and have not received one copy of the magazine. Prior to this I sent in a subscription card (thankfully just checking the "bill me" box) and the subscription never began. Their subscription department totally sucks!

      For layout and photography you should definitely check out the Australian Vogue Entertaining & Travel magazine. Usually shows up on the NYC newsstands 2-3 months later, but really a spectacular looking mag.