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Dec 2, 1999 01:42 PM

how to cook a goose

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Some friends and myself are considering cooking a goose for New Year's Eve. Why? why not. I've never cooked a goose before, in fact I don't believe I've ever eaten a goose before (okay, maybe the livers of one or two). I am wondering whether anyone has tips on this process, or a good recipe.

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  1. Rachel, I've only cooked a duck but expect the technique is the same, only MORE GREASE. Have your fire extinguisher handy! It will be an adventure though and any good cookbook can tell you how.
    I'm dying for someone to try Arthur Schwartz's recipe for stuffing called, Famous Ritz Cracker Dressing. It might go good with your goose.It sounds intriguing to me.

    I don't know how to do the dandy link thing for you to click on but he's at Go to the food diary section.

    Are you going to do a figgy pudding too? pat

    1. Rachel, Last night on TVFN Sara Moulton and her guest were talking about roasting a goose!
      1. Even a large goose will serve only about 6 folks
      2. Prick it all over with a fork so the fat can escape.
      3. Start oven at 425, breast up, until the goose starts talking to you(spitting and sputtering, I guess)
      and then turn it over breast down and reduce heat to 350. Baste, baste, baste. Last 1/2 hour turn breast side up.

      4. Definitely use a rack to keep bird out of fat.

      Those were the highlights. p.

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      1. re: pat hammond

        I plead guilty to not checking the specifics before posting, but there is a Cooks Mag article on "the best way to roast a goose"-prob appears in one of Chris Kimball's compilations, too. As best I can recall from my last goose, you be sure to prick that goose all over and to put some water in the roasting pan under the raised rack. The goose gives forth an enormous amount of wonderful fat as it roasts, at least a quart. You can skim it out of the roasting pan as you go. Make your own confit, fry delicious potatoes, etc. afterwards.
        If I remember I will look for the recipe and post any more specific tips I find.
        PS do not get a gigantic goose - this is a dark meat bird, and I can tell you from my experience last year that the breast meat was coarser on my big bird than on previous, smaller ones.

        1. re: Jen Kalb

          I have found a very detailed recipe online for goose that I think will guide my activities. It advises briefly boiling (two minutes) the bird than drying it in the refrigerator for a day or two; and promises that this technique will encourage a Peking-duck like skin! The remaining question is what to stuff the goose with. The recipes I've seen either call for fruit mix (apples, etc.), wild rice, or breadcrumbs. I remain open to suggestion.