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Nov 25, 1999 02:23 AM

Thanksgiving Wishes

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Since it's Thanksgiving, I'd like to point out how incredibly lucky we are to not only have enough to eat, but to enjoy the unprecedented (in human history) luxury of picking and choosing.

Please remember that even today there are hungry people among us for whom food serves needs much more immediate than aesthetic appreciation.

Please share with them (in whatever way possible), ok?


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  1. "As we come around and take our places at the table,
    A moment to remember and reflect up on our wealth.
    Here's to loving friends and family, here's to being able
    to gather here together in good company and health.

    "May the light of love be shining deep within your spirit,
    May the torch of mercy clear the path and show the way,
    May the horn of Plenty sound so everyone can hear it,
    May the light of love be with you every day."

    >>>from "May the Light", by David Roth (a beautiful and highly recommended CD)


    1. Greetings from Pat in New York City! It's always an adventure to come to this glorious town. I wish you all a happy, happy Thanksgiving Day. The special qualities that show up with regularity on these boards inspire me and make me grateful to be part of this community. pat

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        Glad you got to NYC for Thanksgiving. Your posts are always positive and helpful, and for that I give thanks.