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Nov 24, 1999 09:44 PM

Houses of Gluttony

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Since I had to yank the sound card out of my trusty PC (which has taken up the nasty habit of smoking in its old age), I just got around to zipping through the "House of Gluttony" broadcast at a friend's. It sounds like a food-themed Roissy. Let's find the place and organize a road trip!!!

The closest contenders nearby might be the late, lamented Custy's and the still-extant Nordic Lodge, both, oddly enough, in Rhode Island. California also has its Basque boarding-house dining rooms.

Any other suggestions for all-out gluttony, besides the Indian, rodizio, and other AYCE places that we can pull out of Zagat?

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  1. no, no...this place really WAS called the House of Gluttony! I'm working on extracting more info from david's sister.

    by the way, we're talking about the latest Radio Free Chowhound show. use the link below.