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Nov 24, 1999 09:48 AM

Top 40 Value Restaurants

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Thanks for posting the top 40 value restaurant synopsis. I can't say that I particularly agree with the seems to be a mix of no-brainers and places in the boroughs that Manhattanites insist on lauding well after their prime, mostly because they haven't heard/don't care to look for something better. Uncle George's in particular comes to mind for this second catagory; there are scores of better Greek places in Astoria. And Cooking With Jazz?! Not only is this place terrible, it's not even a good value! Last spring I had soft-shell crab there, and it was 18 something dollars for ONE CRAB! If that's value I'm Emeril Lagasse.

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  1. I was a little disappointed, too. What's going on, I think, is that he's been doing the high-end reviews for a few years now and hasn't really had time to stay on top of the boroughs or ethnic or lower-priced beat, so he's going on old knowledge. He's still recommending some of the places he touted years ago, not realizing that many of them aren't good anymore.

    OTOH, Some of 'em never were very good...places the food establishment has inexplicably chosen to single out for no good reason (agree re: Uncle George's, and we don't talk about that cajun place anymore, since they once shill/spammed our boards).

    But there are some real good places on the list. If Young were still doing his old beat, he'd have done a savvier job, but it's still worthwile info (especially the higher-priced stuff, which is closer to his current beat)

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Do you know that Vietnamese restaurant in Brooklyn he mentioned?

      1. re: Cathy

        PHO HOAI, no, don't know it. But they have a location at 4th and 86, which is a magical intersection (host to best lebanese in city, great pizza and bagels, pretty good gringo chinese), so I'd be hopeful.

        If really curious, start a thread on the outer boroughs board, I'm sure SOMEBODY knows it!

      2. re: Jim Leff

        Like the new Articles and Special Reports section, Jim. Sure, I disagree with many of the picks on both the Voice and Young lists, but I also saw some restaurants I wasn't familiar with. No harm, no foul.