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Nov 18, 1999 03:40 PM

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Has anyone in the New York area tried's new bidding option for groceries? My son, in Brooklyn Heights, did great at his local store. They list a lot of participating stores. The names I recognized are: D'Agostinos and Gristede's. I'd be interested to hear someone else's experience. p.

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  1. We have used it twice, and generally saved about 40% off the usual grocery store prices. There are a few caveats, though.

    First, you have to know what stuff costs at the store where you shop. Things that are usually used as loss leaders (soda, pasta, etc.) probably will be cheaper at store prices than through Priceline.

    Second, the brands are limited -- they may not carry the brand you like, or may not carry it in a size you use. Also, store brands may be cheaper than the national brands they carry.

    Third, you use your e-mail address to sign in, and charge your credit card immediately. If someone else uses your address, it is possible that you may be reduced to haggling with the credit card company if someone else uses the address.

    Fourth, the choices are still limited. There may be more choices if this catches on.

    Fifth, you have to buy the exact size you order -- if you don't, or you accidentally mix something else with the Priceline groceries, you will receive a stern message.

    Sixth, it is useful only if you have about fifteen minutes to go on line before you shop. If your time is worth more than a few bucks, it's not for you.

    Seventh, after three months, they tack on a $3 per month charge -- so you have to use it enough to offset that.

    That being said, I am generally satisfied -- tonight I got my week's worth of cat food (and we buy in quantity) for 23 cents, instead of the 39 cent sticker price. It's worth trying -- but use common sense and skepticism.

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      Thanks bluefrog for your very comprehensive reply. I'll pass it along to my son. pat