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Nov 16, 1999 10:44 AM

Indian recipe website

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Thanks to the extraordinary messages bobbing up on the Italian food newsgroup (rec.hobby.cucina), this fine website, with detailed recipes from regions of India and technical advice was posted today:
Wonderful place.

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  1. what a wonderful website! and appropriately named - 'bawarchi' means cook in hindi. i got homesick just looking at all those dishes. it was especially unfair to remind me of chickoo, which is a wonderfully sweet fleshy fist sized brown fruit.

    comprehensive as this site is, you might have noticed it has virtually only vegetarian dishes. so it leaves out wonderful goan cooking, parsi cooking and lots of others. the link below has on the right side a brief description of some of the different people and their cuisines. it does a way better job than i could ever have in trying to point out that indian food is so much more varied and delicious than what the restaurants offer.

    once again, thanks for the post allan evans


    1. Type in "vindaloo" to the search engine and see what you get.