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Nov 12, 1999 08:08 AM

Did I dream it or . . .

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Is Herr's brand coming out with ketchup-flavored
potato chips?

I think I saw a commercial to this effect but
it could have been an hallucination brought on
ketchup craving.

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  1. No, it was no dream. In fact, Herr's has been marketing them for awhile--but--drat it--outside the city. However--about 6 months ago--I sniffed them out in my local Pricewise drug store on 81st St and Broadway, and they've since appeared at that location--tho at unpredictable intervals.

    They are dynamite. I lived and worked in London for ten years from 1972-82--and fell in love with their very popular tomato "crisps" (as the Brits call them.)They are tangy and delicious. If you like salt n' vingar chips--you'll love Herr's tomato flavor.

    Maybe we need to twist their arm to get a more steady supply. Heaven knows, I've done MY bit to prove that those chips won't remain on the shelf for more than 24 hours!!

    Herr's is the answer to my prayers.

    (P.S. I take great care to hide them from my husband, who is British, and still lusts for that tomato flavor. After all--I can get only a few bags at a time--so I need to save them for that "special" occasion--when I'm ALONE!)

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    1. re: Lynn

      Oh my! I am really lusting after those chips now
      that I know they're really real. I'll have to contact Herr's about distributing them more widely.

      Thanks for the info!

      1. re: christina z

        Ketchup potato chips seem to be popular in Canada, especially in Ontario, but the two brands I sampled were horrible.

        1. re: Dave Feldman
          Frank Language

          I've seen the Herr's ketchup chips at Key Food (4th street and Avenue A); you might try other Key Food stores closer to you, since this one doesn't stock them that consistently and you might as well not waste a trip.

          I have to admit, I've seen these chips and I've never been compelled to try them; I don't even like ketchup on my *fries*.

          1. re: Frank Language

            "I don't even like ketchup on my fries"

            I'm with you on that! But somehow "tomato crisps" do sound appealing.

            1. re: Sharon A
              Frank Language

              Well, I now hear the Herr's chips have been spotted at Met foods on 2nd avenue. Seems Key Food may have stopped ordering them, or they may just be waiting for a delivery, because I check every day now and...nada.

              So, get pays.

              1. re: Frank Language
                Patrick Thompson

                If any of you happen to stray into the upper Midwest, Old Dutch supposedly makes ketchup flavored chips. A friend insists they're to die for; I have first-hand experience with only the plain (as a control) and dill pickle (salty, intense, almost revolting at first but strangely compelling - I like 'em).