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Oct 18, 1999 08:50 AM

Chopped Liver?

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Recently, there was a spirited--even bitter debate in the pages of the New York Observer and New York Magazine between Ron Rosenbaum and Gael Greene. The subject? Who makes the best chopped liver in New York.
Rosenbaum is a strident advocate of Barney Greengrass--while Greene--inexplicably, I think--supports the yellowish, undistinguished paste at Zabars. I'm wondering how chowhound posters come down on this issue. I have to go with Rosenbaum and Barney Greengrass--though Fine and Shapiro, and the 2nd Ave. Deli both make excellent product. Any thoughts?

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  1. Anthony--

    If you do a search on "chopped liver," or just browse "The Best" section, you'll see a long discussion of the subject. FWIW, I came down squarely on the side of Barney Greengrass myself, which is probably the best commercially prepared chopped liver I've ever had (I wish there were a tad less schmaltz in there, so the consistency were a little rougher, but that's my only major criticism). It's downright bizarre that Greene could seriously argue that Zabar's or Fine & Schapiro or Carnegie's are better. Haven't had 2nd Ave. Deli's C.L. in a long time.