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Ethiopian/Eritrean Cookbooks

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Several months ago a couple of people asked about recipes for Ethiopian dishes. Now, as I make my triumphant return to the boards after Jim's redesign, I'll mention some cookbooks that might be useful. It's hard to explain why a noncook like me has these books, so we'll not worry about that just now.

If you search through the used book sites you can score a copy of Exotic Ethiopian Cooking, by Daniel Mesfin. It's fairly substantial and includes a good deal of material on Ethiopian culture.

Recently published is Ethiopian Cooking in the American Kitchen, by Tizita Ayele. This volume is pretty thin; I'd have to recommend Mesfin as the first choice.

According to Amazon, A Taste of Eritrea, by Olivia Warren, is scheduled for publication this month. I know nothing about it. Eritrea, of course, lies between Ethiopia and the Red Sea, and has much in common with Ethiopia. When I first knew them, I was surprised that my Eritrean friends ate a lot of pasta. That's before I learned that the country had once been an Italian colony.

Now, if someone could please lead me to an English-Tigrinya dictionary ...

Link: http://www.mid-atlantic.brewingnews.com

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