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Oct 1, 1999 01:41 PM

Jacqués Pepin

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Jacques Pepin will be speaking at Columbia University, Miller Theater, on Thursday, Oct. 7th (I work at C.U., but this isn't an ad--just a heads-up).


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  1. Ooh! Ooh! I love Jacques! Thanks for the information, Susan - do you know how I can get tickets? Actually, I guess I can just call the Miller Theater and find out. Duh. In my excitement, I didn't think of that right away.

    I always get the impression, watching Jacques Pepin, that dinner at his house is always really good, without a alot of screaming and yelling and notch-kicking.

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    1. re: Jessica

      Did anyone go to this? How was it? It sounded like it would be relatively scholarly (i.e. either interesting or pretentious).

      1. re: Barb H.

        I went! I went! It was great - turned out to be a "conversation" with Jacques and R.W. Apple, who writes for the NY Times. They sat on the stage and talked about childhood food memories, wine anxiety, American and European supermarkets Through the Years, different foods from different countries, the superstar chef phenomenon, fast food, etc. It was very interesting. Jacques was very funny and charming and non-snooty and smart (quoted Levi-Strauss and Voltaire, non-pretentiously - he has a degree in 18th C. french lit).

        1. re: Jessica

          Wow-- sounds great-- so sorry I had to miss it, but glad you got to go. Many thanks for the report.