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Sep 30, 1999 06:22 AM

Le Bernardin "Chef's" Tasting

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Took my sous-chef, pastry chef and friends to Le Bernardin Monday and had the full-bore "Chef's" tasting.
Pretty damn amazing food...flawless--and they treat industry people very well. Save your money for this one--but it's worth it. An exception to my usual "Never Order Fish On A Monday" rule.

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  1. c
    Chris B. Shaw

    Anthony......You've aroused my curiousity.If you had the time a few more details would be great.I'll be sitting by the glow of my computer screen waiting.Thanks in advance Chris B. Shaw

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    1. re: Chris B. Shaw
      Anthony Bourdain

      Menu consisted of:

      lobster risotto ameuse geule with feuille de brick ( a freebie)

      caviar tartare (with spanish mackerel)-unbeLIEVable

      seared hamachi tuna over sweet cherry tomato, onion and portabello escabeche

      lobster tail in shrimp sambal sauce, fresh and roasted mangoes

      steamed black bass, fresh coriander, ginger and crab vermicelli in spiced citrus broth

      roasted monkfish with black truffle vinaigrette, chicory, verjus grains, and warm chantarelle sald

      mascarpone mousse with seasonal berries, balsamic raspberry coulis

      full array of desserts (a comp from the house)

      petit fours

      1. re: Anthony Bourdain

        Wow! It sounds incredible thanks for the report.What other restaurants are on the same level when it comes to fish in NYC?

        1. re: chris
          Anthony Bourdain

          Personally, I don't think ANY restaurant in NYC is a high temple of (exclusively) seafood like Bernardin. I know where and how they get their fish--and have had friends who've worked in their kitchen--and don't know of an equal..I AM, however, a big fan of Scott Bryan's food--particularly at Veritas, his new place, and the more informal Indigo...Straight up good stuff, top quality ingredients--soul food for cookies. And Scott was, of course, at one time, a sous chef at --you got it--Le Bernardin.
          Had some surprisingly good food at Gotham on Wednesday--still crankin' out quality stuff after all these years--and impeccably presented. Nobu good for fish--and the Kitano Hotel good for fugu!

          1. re: Anthony Bourdain

            I have had great meals at Le B. (both as an anonymous face in the crowd and with industry people). But, I've got to offer up another great fish/seafood place: Cello; several of the staff are former Le Bernadin-ites and their renovated townhouse is a wonderful place to eat. The food was terrific.

      2. re: Chris B. Shaw

        anthony, this doesn't have to do with above topic, rather, mission to tokyo. was simultainiously reading it in j-town and experiencing it. would love to talk to you about similar experiances. i also have some amazing pictures of food, prep and service.