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Sep 29, 1999 03:21 PM

New Year's Eve Picnic/What to eat on January 31st?

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Okay, call me crazy but I'm going to Times Square
on New Year's Eve. My friend has a shop in the
vicinity so we'll probably stay up in the shop
until about 10:30 p.m. and then go down into the
street and not even try to get near the ball-drop.
We're just going to party with the crowds. But my
question is about beforehand: Since we're going
to be up in a shop (and probably end up sleeping
there as some point after the festivities) what
should we plan on eating? Going to a restaurant
is out of the question because the ones that are
open will probably be insanely crowded. So we're
going to have some kind of picnic. Any ideas for
an appropriate new year's eve picnic menu?

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  1. Its the feast of St. Silvester ("Sylvester" in Germany and Austria). My family has chosen to make an occasion of it in well, call it American-style, by eating "tweety-bird" (some kind of fowl) on New Years Eve. Roasted or cold fried chicken or chinese roast duck sound like great picnic fare. Have fun!

    1. According to my mother, who was of Scots descent,it's considered good luck by Scots to eat herring at the New Year celebration. And who needs an excuse to eat herring, anyway? According to my Grandma, her mother, who grew up in the south, said you had to have hopping John for New Year's.