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Sep 25, 1999 06:04 PM

Alice Waters alert

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I chanced upon Alice Waters at the Union Square
Greenmarket this morning, where she was signing her new
and magical cookbook. I remembered reading about her
unprecedented (to say the least) appointment to a new
restaurant at the Louvre, and asked her about it. "Oh,
that's very much on a back burner," she said.
Apparently, the buildling of the new wing of the Louvre
that would house the restaurant has been postponed,
which of course typefies Parisian progress. No doubt the
electrician isn't speaking to the architect, who can't
bear the gas man, etc. etc.

Anyway, she's in very good spirits, and her beautiful
book (Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook) really is well worth
checking out.

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    Anthony Bourdain

    Also bumped into her--in the green room at TVFN. The hideous Emeril was loudly yelping catch-phrases at his seal-like audience on a monitor in the background--and Waters' facial expression was priceless.