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Aug 25, 1999 06:10 AM

Carp Roe/Tarama

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I could use a recipe for "Tarama" (sp?. As I
understand/remember it; a paste/dip made from carp roe.
Greek,...some help here?

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  1. Try the one in the Periyali Cookbook-I have never made
    it, but everything else I've tried from this source has
    been smashing.

    1. g
      George Pavlov

      Strictly speaking "tarama" is the caviar/roe, what you
      are talking about is "taramosalata. "

      The recipe I have been using is from "Cooking with Fish
      and Shellfish" by Ruth Spear, Ballantine, NY, 1980. It
      is a lot like making mayonnaise and goes basically like
      this (for 2.5 cups): Soak three slices of de-crusted
      white bread in some water, squeeze out the water. Blend
      5 oz. tarama with 2 tbsp. minced onion until pureed,
      but not liquid. Blend the soaked bread. Add 1 egg yolk
      and blend again. Pour 1 cup of oil in a slow steady
      stream (think mayonnaise). The book recommends olive
      oil, but I find that too heavy and use sunflower oil.
      Control the consistency by blending in more de-crusted
      bread if the mixture is too liquid.

      You can use well-boiled potatoes instead of the bread
      or any other starchy base (I have tried beans, but
      don't recommend it) It is important not to overblend
      and leave a fair amount of the roe intact. You can get
      the roe in jars in any respected Greek/Middle
      Eastern food supplier (in downtown Brooklyn, NY any of
      the stores on Atlantic Ave. will have it), Krinos is
      one of the brands. Note that you can also get the
      taramosalata, in similar jars to the tarama. Krinos
      makes a decent taramosalata, some of the other brands
      can be too salty or have a funny consistency. I
      recommend tasting some of the pre-blended stuff and
      reading their ingredients before you start making your
      own so that you have a reference point.



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      1. Tarama (Roe) Salad / Taramosalata

        This is a popular appetizer in Greece and it is served quite often during the Lent season with toasted pita bread.


        1/2 jar (4oz.) Tarama or Mullet Roe 1/4 cup water
        1/2 loaf stale white bread juice of 1 lemon
        1 tsp. very fine minced onion (optional) 1/2 cup olive oil

        Soak the stale bread thoroughly and squeeze out the excess water. Pick out the white pieces to make about 11/2 to 2 cups and discard the crust.

        Put the Tarama in a bowl and crush the little eggs with the back of a spoon. Slowly mix in the water and add the pieces of bread while continuously crushing and mixing. Alternately add small amounts of oil and lemon, mixing until it has all been incorporated and stir in the onion. The Taramosalata should be smooth and salmon pink in color.

        Susie’s Note: You can use your mixer for this instead of using a spoon. Some people also prefer to use fresh boiled potatoes that have been mashed instead of the bread. Try it both ways and see what you like.