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Aug 10, 1999 10:25 AM

tipping in sushi bars

  • k

I have been taught that it is good etiquette to tip the
sushi chef an extra 5 bucks or so, above the tip on the
bill, especially if you are a regular at the joint or
if he has done things specifically for you. But I have
never seen anyone else do this.


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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    I tip the sushi chef separately in the restaurant we
    visit most often, and at any restaurant where the chef
    has done something special for me (made a special dish,
    made a recommendation that I enjoyed, etc.) as a
    gesture of thanks. In general, I don't bother because
    I assume that, as in most restaurants, the tips are

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      My father's favorite way to make sure the sushi chef
      is the sole recipient of his gratitude is to offer to
      treat him to something. i.e., "I'd like a beer,
      please, and one for you, too."

    2. I do! I generally tip the sushi chef $5, especially if
      I am a regular. I find that if they know you 'take
      care of them' that they will make sure that a few
      peices of sushi are in front of you right away instead
      of waiting forever for them to get around to your
      whole order.
      I never see others tip the sushi chef either, but I
      think it is the right thing to do.