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Aug 6, 1999 09:10 PM

In today's newspaper of record....

  • j

From the little blurbs in the 6 Aug NY Times (attributed
to Eric Asimov):

"In many ways, Gotham is the quintessential New York
restaurant, a vast comfortable space that manages to
offer intimacy too."

Sorry Eric, but the terms "comfortable space" and
"intimacy" do not seem to be associated with
qunitessence of NY eating in my book. Unless he means
intimacy with the people at the adjoining tables.....

(I havn't been to the Gotham yet, so this is not meant
to critcize them.)

Joe Moryl

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  1. a
    Anthony Bourdain

    "Intimacy" in NYC restaurants? Why not? And the Gotham
    is a fine place with good service and terrific food...
    Just avoid Friday and Saturday nights...pre-theater
    hours..and anyplace where the press is constantly
    talking about WHO eats there rather than WHAT is eaten
    there. Booking sensibly--you can have an intimate meal
    just about anywhere--unless you're talking about
    Tourist Terrordomes like the All-Star or Planet
    Harleywood Cafe.