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May 13, 1999 07:21 PM

Mongolian BBQ NYC

  • j

Does anyone have any information on Mongolian BBQ
Restaurants in NYC. We have only found places that
serve lunch in a cafeteria style setting called
"Canaan Food Services". The only Net listing we have
found is for King's on 31st street, but that
apparently has closed and only a fax tone is heard
upon dialing the given telephone number.

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  1. m
    Michele Fuchs

    Churraascaria Plataforma on 49th between 8th and 9th
    avenues is great. Go VERY hungry! I have been there
    a few times and never got to try all that they offer!

    Go with a group, it is festive, lively, and fun!

    1. i know of none in nyc. there used to be a couple in
      NJ. I believe they've closed. there used to be one,
      for a short time, on 3rd ave, across from cooper union
      near the bookstore and the mcdonalds. I currently get
      my mongolian bbq fix at BD's Mongolian BBQ in Bethesda
      near the DC border on Wisconsin Ave. It's great! If
      any one knows of any closer than this, I'd love to

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      1. re: ben

        Last year I walked past something in midtown billing
        itself as a Mongolian BBQ - it was in the mid-to high
        40s, just north of Grand Central, I think between Mad
        and Vanderbilt Aves. Have no idea how it is/was or
        whether it is still there.

        1. re: ben

          If this is where you choose from a group of thinly
          sliced meats, vegetables and sauces. Then bring it up
          to a huge round flat grill where it is stir fried.
          There is one on LI called uncle dai's in syosset or
          woodbury. I am pretty sure it still there, it includes
          a pretty mediocre chinese/japanese buffet. I have also
          seen various salad bars offer this around manhattan.

          1. re: ppace

            If you are seeking REAL Mongolian food, you will not
            find it, at least not in the States. REAL Mongolian
            food is awful. It is not in the least related to what
            we think of as "Chinese" food. I was in Ulaanbaatar
            (capital of Mongolia) for 3 weeks in '95, and I lost 10
            lbs., and that is no easy thing for me. But I ate
            plenty of real Mongolian food, and that was the secret:
            LOTS of boiled meat without seasonings, bitter
            pickles, chopped cabbage, that sort of thing.
            Fortunately, someone had recommended that I take a
            bottle of hot sauce, and I liberally used that;
            otherwise, I would no doubt have wasted away to
            nothing. The places that are called "Mongolian BBQ"
            are a semi-Chinese variation, and while some of them
            are not bad, I think you're far better off with the
            real thing -- that is, a good Chinese place. I DID
            hear about a Mongolian place opening in DC a few years
            back. It was real, it was authentic, and it closed
            within a few weeks. I was not surprised.

            1. re: Jim Huffman
              Alexis Markowitz

              In response to everyone looking for good Mongolian BBQ,
              there is a great place in Los Angeles. Who knows if it
              is authentic Mongolian or not, and who cares; this food
              is addictive. It is in Westwood Village (ask any of the
              UCLA students milling around where it is - chances are
              they will know). This place is so popular it is almost
              impossible to find a seat. But you can always carry it
              out, just make sure you eat it while it's hot. They
              offer chicken, lamb, pork and beef, noodles, veggies,
              and different seasons and spices. They also offer this
              great sesame bread that does a good job counteracting
              the spicy BBQ I always challenge myself to. If you are
              ever in L.A., you must check it out.

                1. re: Alexis Markowitz

                  It's called "Mongols", it's on Gayley in Westwood Village (near UCLA). Yes, there are plenty of flies when they leave the front doors open, and I wouldn't use the bathroom without wearing a hazmat suit, but it's terrific food. Get it takeout, and avoid the flies. The food is addicting.

            2. re: ben
              Rachel Perlow

              Mongolian BBQ in NJ:

              JP Lee's in Millburn
              318 Millburn Avenue
              BBQ with Chinese Buffet and Sushi. All you can eat at
              dinner time, limited to one bowl at lunch time.
              Usually I only get one bowl any way with some chinese
              vegies and sushi. They offer you soup, the hot & sour
              is OK, but I usually skip it.

              Oriental Grill at the Bergen Mall in Paramus
              Looks like a typical chinese place that would be in
              any mall, except its not in a food court. When we
              lived in Fort Lee we would go to the mall just to go
              here (enter the mall where you see the Wendy's). It's
              sentimental, my husband took me there on our first
              date! (and a movie) Their prices are by the bowl. A
              couple years ago they added chinese (not buffet) but I
              usually get the BBQ, which is pretty good if you know
              what you are doing with the sauces. If you are coming
              from NYC, take Route 4 from the GWB, it's about 10-15
              min from bridge, you'll have to turn around after you
              pass the mall as it is on 4 East, park around back by
              the Wendy's. The mall itself is nothing much to speak
              of, they have a few outlets (Gap, Off Fifth, etc)

            3. There are a bunch of big mid-town deli lunch places
              that have "Mongolian BBQ" but they're really
              interesting only because they're a little unusual.
              The food is plain salad-bar standard ingredients with
              some unimaginative sauces. Worse, the guys doing the
              cooking are (rightfully) bored out of their minds and
              often mix your food with somebody else's sauces or
              loose big chunks of your food (at one place I tried, a
              cook managed to lose all four pieces of broccoli I
              included). If there any restaurants around that
              actually try to do it right, I haven't heard of them.

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              1. re: Bob Dively

                They are Chinese not Mongolian food.

              2. I had a hankering for Mongolian BBQ today and found this site. The best Mongolian is in the back of a place called "Ruth Christ Steak House" on 52nd betw. 6th and 7th -- too far from me. I'm looking for any Mongolian BBQ around 37th st. and 7th ave.

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                1. re: SuperG

                  ?? thats a 10 minute walk, or a 3 minute cab ride??

                2. Okay, this topic is many years old now, so Im hoping to revive it. Does anybody know of good Mongolian BBQ in the city? I'm visiting next weekend and craving it.

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                  1. re: Medira

                    I have looked high and low without finding it, and live in hope that someone will open a Mongolian BBQ in NYC. Do not know why it hasn't caught on here, I would think the formula would work well in this area.

                    1. re: buttertart

                      I found a takeout spot on University this weekend, a few doors down from Ramen Setagaya, but I don't recall the exact address.

                    2. re: Medira

                      Wok to Walk

                      This is not the one i remember from my childhood (big burner, lotta ingredients) but, pretty close to it. prob. less choices.