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May 11, 1999 01:45 PM

Baked Pig Face To Go (Today's Wall St. Journal)

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Check out the article on the front page of today's
Wall St. Journal about a new fast food chain in
China whose specialty is baked pig's head. It's the
new rage there and the recipe has been patented.
(It's probably delicious.) Is it available here?
Do you think I should invest in a franchise?
(Just kidding but I'd like to know your thoughts
on this delicacy.)

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  1. a
    Anthony Bourdain

    Pigs head is great! At my joint we confit the ears--
    make Tete du Porc out of the cheeks, jowls,
    tongue...Saucisson with the skin--Swine are fine, man!
    Have four whole hogs hanging in my walk-in right now
    waiting for the charcutier to make magic with them---
    and Roast Suckling Pig? Fugettabout! There is hardly a
    part of the animal that can't be made into something
    good--so Baked Pig Face sounds rife with possibilities.
    I just had some unbelievably good semi-cooked fish
    eyeballs in Tokyo--so anything's possible as far as
    I'm concerned. I'll take two--to go.